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Beagle vs. Rabbit: See Who Wins This Epic Race


This beagle has its work cut out for him if he is going to catch this rabbit!

The rabbit has long been one of fastest little critters in the woods. They can jump, skip, hop, and flat out run the most troublesome situations. While they normally run straight for thick cover when they feel threatened, this daredevil decided to take the long road...literally!

Watch the video below to see this epic race caught on film.

The thing that struck me most about this video was just how much I could relate to that beagle. As a kid growing up I would always try to chase down rabbits on foot. Needless to say I was always disappointed time and time again.

Got to give the beagle props for hanging in there as long as he did though. That has to count for something right!

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Beagle vs. Rabbit: See Who Wins This Epic Race