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Close Range Shooting: Scoring a Gobbler That You Can Almost Touch

When a gobbler gets this close you could almost clobber him on the head with your gun barrel, but do this instead.

There's turkey reaping and then there's good, old fashioned, get-him-in-close-and-pop-him spring turkey hunting.

Once you have spring gobblers interested you may be fortunate enough to get a shot off at him, but when he's on fire for your decoy you better be ready for a close range shot.

Such is the case for one hunter with exactly the right set up and couldn't be more ready. Here's when everything you've prepared for happens in an instant and your plan comes off without a hitch.

Filmed hunting has never looked better! Here's what turkey dinner with all the trimmings looks like while it's still walking:

Was that close enough?! During the spring season, wild turkey populations are eager to reproduce, meaning a male gobbler might just commit to the fullest degree! The first time you experience a male turkey charging towards you, you might just spit out your mouth call!

Reaping has come to the forefront lately, but this is a more traditional way to hunt turkeys. A good blind or even better, a great spot—on private lands yes, but even on public land—is the most important part of spring turkey hunting.

The best turkey hunter still needs to scout his bird, plan his (or her!) hunt, use the right turkey calls, and then pull off the shot. It's always great to see success and we never get tired of it! Shot placement takes a bit of a backseat with these sorts of situations. It's more about preparing and staying calm in the face of a wild turkey!

Now that most seasons are closed for hunting turkeys, we can only dream about next year, but this will get you right back in the mood for scouting and the next hunting season.

Grab your turkey vest and locator calls, make sure you've got your hunting license, and find some good turkey habitat you're able to hunt on. Who nows? Maybe you'll become one of the lucky spring turkey hunters that gets to live through one of these incidents.

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