A Turkey Call From the Primos Custom Mill Shop Might Be the Coolest Father's Day Gift

Need a gift idea? The Primos Custom Mill Shop can make something 100% unique.

In case you haven't heard, Primos Hunting just launched a Custom Mill Shop, one of the brightest ideas we've seen in the hunting biz for some time. The long-time producer of top game calls and other hunting accessories was on to something with this one.

It's an online ordering system that allows you to customize your own version of the classic Primos Heart Breaker box call. You choose the type of wood for the lid, the pattern or hunting scene etchings, and the unique message or inscription. It'll be made in and shipped directly from Primos woodworks in Mississippi.

We couldn't think of a better gift for an outdoorsman dad on Father's Day, a graduate who's celebrating, or a new hunter who needs some gear and encouragement.

Here's a rundown showing a few of the impressive custom options you can pick from.

Primos stresses that they aren't just for show; these calls work, and they work darn well, too. The Heart Breaker is already a proven gobbler magnet, and they're built to be used in the field by real turkey hunters.

"Like all Primos calls, they offer the dependability needed for any type of hunting and will offer a lifetime of service in the turkey woods," said Anthony Foster, who runs the Primos Call Shop. "We wanted this call to sound great. We really thought about that. With this being a custom box and the amount of engraving we're taking out of the box, we needed the weight on the lid to be just right. We also changed some things internally in the box to give it the correct sound. It's a Sapele box, and that works well with either a Maple lid or a Cherry lid. Both of them have somewhat the same properties."

The Custom Shop calls aren't cheap, as they'll run $150 (but with free shipping). You can count on the uniqueness of your choosing, plus the hand-tuning and master craftsmanship you'd expect from Primos. And when you think about it, the prices on custom calls like these can rise awfully quick.

The artist behind the etchings, Chris Hall, takes 2D renderings and enhances them into 3D engravings with "stunning detail and depth." Primos said each scene represents more than 40 hours of honing and refinement.

The Custom Mill Shop is unveiled on the heels of three new box calls, five new pot calls, two new mouth call options, and a reintroduction of the Snuff Tube turkey call; and that's just the turkey call category. If Primos keeps cranking out high-grade stuff at this pace, they're going to own a good portion of the hunting gear market.

There's a 15-day window between an order placement and shipment, meaning you technically have until June 5 to place an order for delivery in time for Father's Day.

There might not be a better way to remind someone what they mean to you each time they go turkey hunting.

Check out Primos.com/Custom-Mill-Shop and you can start creating your own.