City Covers Bus Stops with Plants to Attract Honey Bees

The number of cities establishing new planting protocols to attract bees is staggering. We wrote about a law that passed in Minnesota a few months ago and now we're seeing this news!

The declining population of bees in this city in Holland is a real issue. What do you think of this solution to attract more honey bees and bumblebees?

According to Lonely Planet, 316 bus stops have been transformed into 'bee stops' in the city of Utrecht, the country's fourth-largest city in Holland. Each roof is filled with wildflowers and sedum plants.

"Bee stops are tended to by workers who drive around the city in electric vehicles. But the scheme requires little maintenance because the roofs are mainly composed of sedum plants, which are a favorite among pollinators and require very little water to survive. To improve facilities for human visitors, the bus stops have also been fitted with energy-efficient LED lights and bamboo benches."

In addition to the city's solution, residents can also apply for funding to transform their own roofs into bee sanctuaries. How cool is this? All cities should encourage their residents to plant bee-friendly flowers. 

The declining bee population is concerning. These bus stops are also intended to help air quality.

The Dutch city we cover in this piece is a wonderful example for cities around the world and especially here in the U.S. 

Would you like to do this in your city? Please leave a comment below!

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