Meet Chowder, the Legendary Bulldog Who Can Skateboard Like a Pro

This skateboarding bulldog has 1.5 million followers on TikTok who are obsessed with his skills.

Lots of dogs have quirky skills. Some pups can balance treats on their noses, others will bark on command, and a fair few can even play hide-and-seek. But Chowder, a six-year-old bulldog from Seattle, has a totally tubular talent that's tough to top: He can skateboard. And we don't just mean scooting around for show—he can seriously skate. Look out, Tony Hawk!

According to his Instagram profile, Chowder is a "cool little dude living his best life. Obsessed with his skateboard. Sharing joy and smiles." (Um, can we be best friends?!) Chowder's family said he struggled to find something he enjoyed the first two years of his life. Then, they bought him a skateboard.

Chowder first started skateboarding in 2018 and over the past four years has learned how to speed down hills, come to a stop, and even make turns. Of course, the bulldog's pawrents take lots of precautions to make sure he's safe, like checking the pavement temperature and only letting him skate on closed roads.

With more than 167,000 followers on Instagram and a whopping 1.5 million followers on TikTok, it's safe to say this skater boy is pretty talented.

Watch Chowder the Bulldog Show Off His Skateboarding Skills


Finally getting out to skate after weeks of rain and snow. Chowder Cam time?. Have a great day friends! @jibydogcrew #petsoftiktok #dogtok #familytime #dogmom #trickshot #sunday #sundayfunday

? Lion King - Big-Reg

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In one of his recent videos, Chowder heads out for an afternoon skate session after waiting out the rain and snow. The pup hops on his board and dramatically zooms down the hill through some fog. We even get a peek at his own point of view through the "Chowder Cam."


A fun skate sesh at Chowder?s new favorite skate location. Awesome to see him so happy & doing what he loves?. NOTE-he is an experienced pro and we take MANY safety precautions. NOT for dogs new to skating. Please see important dog skate safety notes in pinned comments. #skate #dogtok #weekend #skateboarding #surf #family #petsoftiktok #familytime #weekendvibes #skaterboy #friday #bulldogsoftiktok

? Wipe Out - The Surfaris

Chowder is an expert at nailing tight turns on his skateboard, as he showcases in this clip. Throughout the video, Chowder swerves and zooms around turns to the tune of "Wipe Out" by The Surfaris.


Okay, Maddie may not be a thrill-seeker like her brother but she?s a world-class cuddler??. Anyone else relate to this??? #dogtok #bulldog #dogmom #doggo #familytime #familyfun #siblings #family #sundayfunday #bulldogsoftiktok #kidsoftiktok #doglover

? original sound - The Late Late Show

Chowder has a dog-sister named Maddie, who's a bit less inclined to ride around on four wheels. In the video above, she outright rejects skateboarding: "Immediately no." Even though Maddie doesn't love thrill-seeking as much as her brother, she's a "world-class cuddler" and, more importantly, Chowder's biggest fan.

Skate on, Chowder!

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