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Watch Charlie the Golden Meet a Life-Size Version of His Favorite Duck Toy

What would a dog do with a life-size version of their favorite toy? A couple of pet parents dressed up as a duck to find out. 

Pet parents love to dress up their dogs in adorable costumes, no matter what time of year it is. Many dog owners purchase their pups a themed outfit for every holiday, not to mention cute dog bandanas and hoodies for everyday wear. It's not often that humans dress up for their pet's benefit, but a golden retriever's pawrents in Ohio did exactly that. In this adorable Instagram video, the world's best dog dad dressed up to surprise his pup, Charlie. The costume was inspired by Charlie's absolute favorite toy: a stuffed yellow duck named Mr. Quackers. Boy, was Charlie surprised! When the oversize version of Mr. Quackers appeared in the living room, he was beyond excited. The cute dog had the best reaction to his dad in a duck costume, and we are 100% here for it.

Dog Parents Dress Up as Their Pup's Favorite Toy

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In this viral video, Charlie is holding his favorite duck when the life-size replica of the toy appears beside him. It's like a real-life, dog-friendly Toy Story! Charlie can barely contain his wiggles, jumping with glee at the chance to play with his giant new "toy." Little does the pup know that his dad is the one under the costume.

The dog's original toy is still in his mouth as he tries to play with the new Mr. Quackers. This pooch is beyond pleased to have double the ducks, running around with the exuberance of a new puppy. Charlie cannot contain himself and even jumps into the life-size duck's arms! Charlie's pet parents really took playtime with their pup to the next level with this outfit, creating a memory Charlie won't forget about anytime soon.

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