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Ruby the Chicken Gets Prosthetic Leg, Now Roams Oregon Wine Country

All animals should receive this level of care! A chicken was given a second chance to walk with a prosthetic leg thanks to a farm sanctuary in Oregon wine country. I absolutely love all the farm sanctuaries that are helping disabled animals and there are so many across the country.

Wildwood Farm Sanctuary provides lifelong refuge and rehabilitation for neglected and abandoned animals in 98 acres of Oregon wine country. They announced on their Facebook page that Ruby, one of the chickens got a new prosthetic leg. (They later found out Ruby was a roo).  

The farm sanctuary posted on social media:

"After many months of waiting for his amputation site to heal, and set backs with getting a proper fit, Ruby with his wonderful veterinarian Dr. Johnson who's been working so hard with us, was able to finally stand and walk on his specially designed prosthetic leg!"

According to an interview with Fox News, they had a hard time finding someone to make a 3D state-of-the-art leg for a chicken.

Ruby was a "factory farm" chicken and rescued (thank goodness) as a baby chick with severe joint infections that resulted in his right leg needing an amputation. 

More pictures for all of you in love with Ruby after reading this story! We are!

Facebook updates followed:

"Ruby is finally home from the veterinary hospital and this morning we worked with him on learning how to balance using his new prosthetic leg. It's definitely going to take a little time and many physical therapy sessions but he's loving to finally stand and even managed to take a few steps on his own, something he's been unable to do since he lost his leg due to neglect he endured living on a chicken farm before his rescue."

Thank you Wildwood Farm Sanctuary for sharing Ruby's journey! We know he'll enjoy his days roaming wine country and 98 acres of worms and bugs.

Chicken rehabilitation is now part of phase two. Clearly, 3D printing a chicken leg helped this roo so hopefully, other chickens will receive this first-star treatment. Ruby is a very young chicken and deserves a long life on the farm sanctuary. This new leg is a medical miracle!

This Cornish crossbreed has a second chance! We'll do some research to see if this is the first chicken to get a new leg designed by a 3D printer. Is it the first time ever for this to happen? More in another post!

Do you know of a chicken that needs a new limb? Please let us know if we have all the steps by leaving a comment below! 

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