Check Out the Lineup in the Bear Archery Legend Series

They don't call it the Legend Series for nothing.

Are you familiar with Bear Archery's Legend Series? You've likely heard of a few bows in the category, but do you know how special they really are?

For starters, these bows are sold at dealers only, and not any big box stores. The fact that you need to leave your home and physically enter a bow shop may scare some of you, but trust me. Some good things in life require a little more efforts than the shortcuts Amazon provides.

The exciting thing about it is that you will have a chance to get a few features custom fitted, and ensure that you're getting a precisely tuned bow, straight out of the box.

Each of these bows represent the epitome of Bear's overall goal: To put a bow in the hand of anyone who's willing and ready to carry on the tradition of archery in whatever way they want.

Bear Archery Kuma

The Kuma is the Flagship bow in the Legend Series, and has some really impressive performance for the price. It's capable of shooting arrows at 345 fps, putting it in the high-end category, ready to go toe-to-toe with bows with much more expensive price tags.

Bear Archery Approach HC

The Approach HC is a great buy, literally. It's been awarded by esteemed publications for its overall value in the compound bow category, and offers extreme affordability in an awesome performance package.

You get just about everything you need to start hunting immediately. What's better than that?

Bear Archery Sole Intent

The Sole Intent is made for small frame shooters, meaning it's ideal for a woman or child who's trying to get involved in archery. This bow is leaps and bounds ahead of others meant for small-statured archers, and distinctly deserves inclusion in the Legend Series. You'll know why once you shoot one.

Bear Archery Cruzer

The Cruzer is the ideal bow for, well, just about anyone. It offers extreme adjustability, making it a versatile and "grow with you" style bow, but it also comes standard with great performance. Adjusting things won't affect that performance, and you know you're getting a fantastic bow with the Legend Series tag.

It's important to remember that Bear Archery has been at this for a long time, and has the history behind it to develop good, high-quality bows that stay true to the fundamentals.

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