50Cal muzzle blast
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Check Out the Insane Power of a 50Cal Muzzle Blast

The power of a muzzle blast is something we rarely think about but once you've seen the insane power of a 50Cal muzzle blast you won't forget it.

When you think about the amount of power a gun has, what tends to come to mind is the force with which the bullet is traveling or even the impact of the bullet. One source of power on the gun that actually may have a bit more power than you think is the muzzle blast. Check out the video below as Demolition Ranch tests out muzzle blast and has some fun with the insane power of the 50Cal muzzle blast.

Aside from the fact that every single shot makes a huge mess, experimenting with muzzle blast could be really fun. The possibilities are endless and while we have a general idea of what it will do, there is still so much room for testing. What would happen if you try to contain the muzzle blast and keep the projectiles from expanding like the soda cans? Would it make a difference if the items were harder or softer? And don't even get us started on that tank he mentioned...

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