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Central Florida's Withlacoochee River is a Fly Fisherman's Paradise

withlacoochee river

Bass, crappie, pickerel, bowfin, bluegill, and multiple species of sunfish can all be found on the Withlacoochee River. 

You'd be hard pressed to find a more remote freshwater fishery in Central Florida than the far-out stretches of the Withlacoochee River system.

This river is often filled with dense forest on both sides, remote access points, and dark slow moving water that is called home by some seriously big alligators. These characteristics are exactly what draws me back there year after year for an annual three-day canoe trip.

View the video below to get a glimpse about what this trip is all about.

As you can see in the video, this rivers system is a fly anglers dream. With multiple different species all available to be caught via topwater poppers, this place is a gem.

During this trip I used the N-7 and C-9 series fly rods by Walton Rods, with the Brookie, Rush LT, and Grip series reels by Galvan Fly Reels. These combos did the trick in providing a great feel while casting and fighting some of the bigger fish.

During a trip like this it is extremely important to know the waterway and be able to identify where potential exit points are in case of an emergency. While most trips down this river will end with nothing more than a sore arm from catching fish after fish, you never know when things can take a turn for the worst.

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Central Florida's Withlacoochee River is a Fly Fisherman's Paradise