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‘Crossing Home’ is a Must-See Expedition Documentary into BC

The Crossing Home expedition is a glimpse into the wildness of coastal BC like you have never seen before!

This magical expedition film created by the folks at Arcteryx gets to the heart of the ice fields that inhabit the coastal area in British Columbia. The breathe of the film is centered around the concept of home. What is the meaning of home, why do we call certain places home, and when and where do we feel most home?

View the film by clicking on the video below.

As someone that has done many backpacking expeditions I understand the feeling of remoteness one feels when crossing large expanses of uninhabited territory. The idea that no other humans are around for miles and miles produces a sensation like no other. It is truly surreal and invigorating.

The individual in the film tried to sum up the idea of home by putting it like this, “Home is language, home is culture, and home is people.”

Having traveled to many countries and experienced multiple cultures that are different from my own, I can certainly relate to that gentleman’s description.

Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, what is home?

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‘Crossing Home’ is a Must-See Expedition Documentary into BC