Catnip Tea: Why It Could Be Worth Steeping for Your Feline

Catnip tea for cats is a popular treat many cat lovers give to their feline friends. Nepeta cataria (AKA catnip, catmint, and catwort) has different side effects depending on how your cat enjoys it. If your cat is merely rolling around in small amounts, it will trigger receptors in their brain, making them happy and excitable, sometimes a little crazy.

You'll hear plenty of meows and watch lots of silly rolling on the ground, just from your cat inhaling the essential oils of the catnip leaves. If, on the other hand, your indoor cat ingests the perennial herb, it's a straight-up lazy city ahead. The catnip plant has a relaxing effect quite similar to chamomile tea.

The Many Ways Cat Owners Use Catnip Tea

While fresh catnip has several health benefits, you should always check with your vet before using this member of the mint family to treat underlying feline issues such as upset stomachs or colic.

From The Field Fill Or Refilll Your Own Catnip Tea Bags

The most traditional way of giving your kitty an organic catnip treat is to simply stuff it in one of their favorite toys. These catnip tea bags are excellent for indoor cats because they are mess-free and simple to use. If your cat has some old catnip toys lying around, you can refill them easily with these convenient, pre-packaged bags.

Should Your Cat Try Drinking Catnip Tea?

Some pet owners drink catnip tea for their wellness. If you choose to indulge kitty in a fresh cup, you might want to try a basic DIY method. Pour boiling water over a catnip tea bag or loose catnip and allow it to steep. Once it's cooled, you can add chicken broth for some flavor and see if your little kitty will take a sip.

Cute Catnip Tea Bag Alternative

SmartyKat Tea Teazers Catnip Cat Toys, 2 count

Rather than stuffed with herbal tea, this set of two plush catnip toys are filled with organic dried catnip. If you're worried about potential side effects from catnip herbal tea, this set of adorable teabags makes an excellent cat treat alternative. They also make an excellent gift for the crazy cat lady who happens to be a tea enthusiast.

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