Cat vs Fox
YouTube: Greg Finn

House Cat Stands Its Ground Against Two Urban Foxes

This cat stands its ground against an angry urban fox.

One of the unfortunate realities of nature is that humans are constantly encroaching on the areas that wildlife once called home. Many wild animals are faced with just two options, adapt to living with humans or die. Well, it turns out that many animals adapt quite well.

Especially smaller predators like coyotes and foxes. It turns out they can adapt quite well to living an in urban environment. After all, there are plenty of rodents to eat and food to scavenge that humans throw out.

The only bad thing is that they also sometimes end up in unwanted confrontations with humans and their pets. Such is the case in this video, in which an ordinary house cat has found itself facing off with a fox. Surprisingly, the cat holds its own as the fox attempts to intimidate it before the cat finally makes a break for it.

We did not even realize there were two foxes in the picture until the camera zoomed out revealing the second animal. Not exactly a common sight one expects to see when they look out the window at their backyard every day. Fortunately, the cat was able to beat a hasty retreat out of there once it realized the intimidation factor simply was not working.

This video is a good demonstration of why you probably should not declaw your cat. This cat clearly must have its claws still because the foxes wanted no part of it. The cat also did an excellent job of arching its back, puffing out its tail, and making itself look larger. It was just enough to ward off the attack long enough to find an opening and escape.

Unfortunately, these types of confrontations are becoming more common in the city and suburbs these days with no clear answers on how to handle wild animals that are displaced and forced to live with humans. We are not sure what the solution to the problem is, but keep your eyes open in the suburbs, you just never know what wildlife you'll see these days!

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