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Existing Cats Skeptical of New Puppy Sibling

?Upon first meeting, this cat is pretty skeptical of the new puppy. 

Pet owners know that the first time pets meet one another, they may not get along. Existing pets are generally not sure of their new family member, especially if they are the only pet in the home. The meeting can be particularly iffy when two members of a different species meet one another.

Cats and dogs are two pets where you never know which way it will go. When cats have been the only pet in the household, they may display aggressive behavior toward a new furry friend. At the same time, an adult dog may just want to chase the new pet around the house. This is why pet parents need to supervise all new pet meet and greets. In this adorable video, the preexisting cat is skeptical of the new puppy on their first meeting.

Cat Skeptical of Puppy


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In an adorable TikTok video, two cats get to meet their new puppy brother. However, the cats are skeptical of the puppy and are not quite sure what to do with him. Little dachshund Hans Gruber gets to meet his cat siblings. His dad holds on to him while letting the first cat put a paw out and sniff the little pup. While the first cat sniffs him, the little white cat is unsure what to do about this new arrival. The white cat backs up as the puppy walks closer in typical cat behavior. Their owner sits close by while their initial socialization continues. The white cat's posture changes, but its body language suggests it can't decide if this is playtime or what it should do next.

The first cat swings its tail back and forth like it's getting ready for a good pouncing. In the end, it seems like the kitties are happy that the puppy made this its new home. We're sure these little guys will end up as best friends.

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