This Cat Has Perfect Little Eyebrows That Make It Look Concerned 24/7

WATCH NOW: Sam Has Eyebrows!

Sam has eyebrows. 

Oh, yes he does! And it is the first defining characteristic people will notice. Sam is a cat model who lives in New York City. He loves tuna and is frequently photographed around the Big Apple. Sam the cat is also a known heart breaker and when you visit his Instagram account, samhaseyebrows, it is easy to see why.

Meet Sam, a darn cute cat in a big city.

1. Reenacting "West Side Story."

2. Sam basically has the equivalent of puppy eyes.

3. This is his love shack. 

4. His love shack at Christmas.

5. Being a loaf

6. Sam's eyebrows attribute to major catitude.

7. He goes to Paris in his dreams. 

8. Practices his most dashing looks. 

9. Sam likes to greet people in his building. 

10. He has look-a-like plush minions made for him. 

11. He's nailed the longing look out of a city window.

12. And gets concerned when his food bowl is empty...

Sam was found in 2012 on his family's stoop. Thinking he was a street cat, they didn't pay the unique cat much mind except to admire his awesome eyebrows. The supposedly stray cat, though, didn't move for a week. The people who lived in the building tried to coax him with food and water but nothing worked. It was almost like the little white cat was paralyzed with fear.

The cat was finally moved and taken to the vet where it was established that the cat was abandoned since it was neutered and had no calluses on its paws. This cat was an indoor cat and was likely terrified when it found itself on the streets of New York City. The family named him Sam, after one of Andy Warhol's cats, and the rest is history. He now has a loving home and is an Internet sensation!

His eyebrows aren't the only unique thing about this cat. He also likes tomatoes.

Sam has a website,, where you can learn more about this handsome cat and even get some Sam merchandise!

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