Cat Loves Shaun White's Gold-Medal Run as Much as the Rest of the World

While the world held its breath watching Shaun White's historic Olympic trial, this cat got excited too.

American snowboarder Shaun White earned his third Olympic gold medal on Wednesday in the men's half pipe. He stormed over the snow in an impressive display proving once and for all he's the best American athlete in the sport.

Fans cheered him on during his final run as he edged past Japanese favorite Ayumu Hirano, and families celebrated his victory in living rooms across the country.

In one particular living room, a furry fan was really getting into those double corks. This cat was so excited to see White flipping and twisting down the slope he couldn't help but join in on the fun. The cat's owner is lucky their TV is still standing upright after the impressive show.

Kitty's quick reflexes are no match for White's moves, and the cat "catches him" every time he launches into the air.

The cat's virtual interference thankfully didn't stop White's progress into Olympic history, held in Pyeongchang, South Korea this year. He falls to one knee at the end of his run before thrusting his fist into the air once he hears the scores. It was a big moment for American snowboarding in the Winter Olympics, but even he has to admit this cat's athletic prowess was pretty spectacular in its own right.

H/T: @chrissa21/ NBC Olympics

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