YouTube: CBS Los Angeles

Cat Fights Off Attack From Three Coyotes in Security Cam Footage

This cat faced off with three coyotes and won!

Conflicts between pets and wild animals are becoming more and more common as humans intrude on the wild spaces that nature once called her own. If you are a pet owner, some of these encounters can be quite frightening. Such was the case of a cat in California that found himself cornered by not one, not two, but THREE coyotes at once.

Normally, those odds are not good for any animal the coyote is targeting. However, Max the cat was not going down without a fight and he managed to hold off his attackers until his owner came to the rescue.

Max's owner had no idea what her cat had to do to survive until she checked her security camera footage and saw her large tabby holding his own against the coyote's attempts to attack. You can see the incredible footage in the video below.

Obviously, Max's owners have decided he will be a strictly indoor cat from now on. While Max held his own in the fight, that is probably a good idea knowing these predators are still out there and may come back for a second try. We have seen footage of only one or two coyotes taking down a deer before, so for this cat to defend himself from three attackers is impressive.

We are guessing that Max still has his claws. There is a good argument to be made here against declawing. It is probably what helped him avoid becoming a snack for the coyotes. It appears Max is a rather large cat, which also probably helped him make this incredible stand.

Once again, we are thankful for home security being able to capture incredible images like this. This type of scene has probably played out before in urban areas, but we could not fully appreciate it until people started putting cameras out. Well done on fighting off those predators Max! Stay inside from now on will you?

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