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Tenant Scares Apartment Invaders Away with AR-15

Home Invaders
YouTube:Active Self Protection

These guys quickly thought twice about their break-in attempt!

Imagine that it is late at night and someone has been knocking at your door for almost a minute straight. You are not expecting company and a look out reveals strangers you do not know, one of them wearing a mask. There is something suspicious about this. They are not going away. What do you do?

Well, if you are like the guy in this video, Mark, you are probably grabbing a firearm for self-defense. Mark has only a few seconds to grab his gun, an AR-15 before they break the door down.

What happens next is a case of bad guys realizing they broke into the wrong home!

Those guys were suddenly not interested in a home invasion anymore once they saw Mark holding that AR-15! Many people might have been tempted to shoot in that moment, but in an interview, shown below, Mark says he just was not in that frame of mind. Mostly because he did not expect them to kick down the door. It was a good thing it did not turn violent, because he only had five rounds in the gun at the time.

In the end, it probably worked out better this way. This video was taken in an apartment complex and a shot from that AR could have easily penetrated the wall into the unit behind the intruders. That is not a good situation. Mark says he is planning to get a shotgun for his home defense in the future for that very reason.

In any case, the AR-15 is a very controversial firearm with many people wondering about the practical uses for this gun. In the case of this home invasion, the AR did an excellent job of scaring off would-be home invaders. It is probably safe to say they will not be trying that on Mark and his friend again. We hope these home invaders at least re-think their life choices after a scare like that!

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Tenant Scares Apartment Invaders Away with AR-15