Can You Name the 10 Fish in These Pictures?

How well do you know your fish? Take this picture quiz and then share with your buddies to test their knowledge.

Do you know your fish?

Fishing is a blast! That's why we all do it. That bump on your line releases feelings that are hard to describe. Often times you can tell what kind of fish you have on by the way they fight as you reel them in.

Sometimes you might not even know what kind of fish it is once you get it in the boat. If you think you're an avid fisherman, test your knowledge below!

1. Look at Those Whiskers

2. Slabs

3. Lunker Alert

4. Little Reel Fighter

5. Love That Color Scheme

6. Water Wolf


7. Big Daddy

8. True Beauty

9. Mr. Tasty

10. Ol' Ugly Mug

Now that you have made your way through the list, how confident were you in your answers? Check below to see if you did well naming these wide variety of fish.

Some are trickier than others, number 10 especially. How did you fare with your fish identification?

List in order of pictures

  1. Flathead Catfish
  2. White Crappie
  3. Largemouth Bass
  4. Redear Sunfish
  5. Smallmouth Bass
  6. Northern Pike
  7. Blue Catfish
  8. Brown Trout
  9. Walleye
  10. Grinnell or Bowfin

Now share these photos and challenge your friends! There's nothing like a little online sight fishing to waste time between sessions.

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