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Can You Guess Why This Guy is Busted up in his Mugshot?

Which sought-after game animal was the reason for this man being bloodied and bruised?

Yes, this is a mugshot. But no, it probably isn’t what you are thinking. From the looks of this guy, you would think he was a part of some street fight.

But he was in the wrong place at the wrong time on a motorcycle, and he crossed paths with a deer. Drive at night in some of the better whitetail hunting states, and it can be just a matter of time before you connect with one. And this guy connected, alright.

The collision resulted in Jimilei Russell Fox being thrown from his motorcycle and that explains the scrapes and blood all over his face. But it doesn’t explain why there is a mugshot of Mr. Fox after the wreck.

Fox was then rushed to the College Station Medical Center in Texas for treatment of non life-threatening injuries. In a series of bad luck events, the emergency room employees searched his backpack for identification documents or a cell phone but found something else.

The bag contained a smaller plastic bag which was suspected to be eight grams of methamphetamine. Which then led to, and explains, the mugshot.

A wild Texas story. It was not reported whether the deer survived or not, but Mr. Fox has now found himself with some possession charges and a sore body.

So, a deer is responsible for this man’s face, but the mugshot… well that’s on him.

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Can You Guess Why This Guy is Busted up in his Mugshot?