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Fact or Fiction? Florida Man Cuts Off Genitals and Feeds Them to an Alligator

man feeds genitals to alligator

Floridians seem to continue to give alligators a bad rap.

Multiple reports have come out that a Florida man, high on meth, actually cut off his own genitals and fed them to an alligator. While we are used to crazy news coming out of Florida, this one seems a little too over the top.

The story goes like this:

52-year-old Mr. Canfield and his girlfriend were just wrapping up the final hours of a five-day meth binge when things got a little out of control. According to the official narrative, Mr. Canfield decided it was in his best interest to smoke the remains of the couple’s stock. So, that is just what he did.

After using the copious amount of methamphetamine, he began having a hallucinogenic experience. His girlfriend recounts that this led him to become extremely psychotic, and that’s when he took it all out on his genitals.

After threatening his girlfriend with the knife, Mr. Canfield ran into the backyard, stripped off his clothes and decided he and his balls had been through enough. After calmly severing his genitals, he ran dow to the nearby canal and tossed them at an alligator.

Gruesome footage from a neighbor’s security camera allegedly captured the events as they took place; however, the authorities say no footage is going to be released to the public.


Well, folks, that’s the way the official story reads. Now, let’s not think we can believe everything that we see on the Internet. That would just be silly.

I know Florida is notorious for being home to the occasional crazy drugged-out human doing very strange and gruesome things, but this one lacks some important components of truth.

First of all, the original article comes out of the Boston Ledger, which is known to be satirical in nature. While the story was shared on as well as iHeart Radio’s website, they all link back to the same article.

Another thing to be concerned about is that the original article does not site any sources. That should be a major giveaway to people who read this.

No police or authoritative references to specific spokespersons are given either. Again, major red flag.

All in all, if you really look at this piece, it is obviously not based on facts. It is a good story, but I wouldn’t keep sharing it around the Internet like it’s 100% true.

The only truth that is likely to be contained in the article is that a man and his girlfriend were doing meth in Florida. Everything else should be taken with a grain of salt… especially the security footage of the alligator eating his genitals.

That’s just my take on it. If more facts turn up, which they probably won’t, then I may change my position.


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Fact or Fiction? Florida Man Cuts Off Genitals and Feeds Them to an Alligator