YouTube: Can-Am Off-Road

Can-Am Features Hushin in Latest "Livin' the Land" Episode

Can-Am's "Livin' the Land" video series brings hunting to the forefront of American heritage.

When the folks at Can-Am Off-Road decided to add three new episodes to its "Livin' the Land" video series, they seemingly wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

The first two episodes, which debuted back in January, featured a ranching family and social media influencer Alex Templeton. The next three on deck spotlight bull rider Chase Outlaw, country music star and rancher Kristy Lee Cook and, of course, the Hushin crew.

While the Templeton episode shed some warm light on what it means to hunt, there are few people out there who can speak to a true hunting lifestyle in the ways Hushin co-founders Eric Chesser, Casey Butler and Brian McElrea can.

Approaching their 10-year anniversary on YouTube, Hushin was one of the very first outdoors channels to exist online, and remains unique to this day thanks to their pursuit of big game in big country.

With nearly a decade of unimaginable hunting experience already behind them, is there any better subject for a series about outdoor living?

Take a look:

The three found each other by way of a shared passion that runs as deep as the time-swallowing draws they frequent in search of bull elk.

Their allegiance to the outdoors goes beyond their personal love for backcountry hunting, however, which is evident when they mention the three key pillars of the Hushin brand: conservation, new hunter acquisition and giving back.

For the Hushin crew, perhaps the pioneers of digital hunting content, hunting isn't just a way of life—it's a purpose.