8 Campfire Games Made for Adults (And Maybe a Few Drinks)

Are you headed out on a camping trip with your friends for a weekend? Camping is the best when you are with loved ones in the middle of the woods completely disconnected from big city lights and sounds.

Sitting around the campfire, cooking s'mores, and making memories with your camping friends and family. What is better than that? Well, playing campfire games around the fire is a huge way to laugh and have fun on your next camping or road trip.

Best Campfire Activities for Adults

Whether you have a large group or an intimate group, we created a list of our favorite camping games to play on your next outdoor adventure. These fun campfire games and drinking games are perfect for adult campers, but we did throw in a few kid-friendly options as well.

1. Charades

This classic party game is perfect to engage, interact, and laugh around the campfire. Take this classic game and add a camping twist to it by using camp-themed ideas. Split the group into two teams and each team takes turns guessing what the "actor" on their team is trying to portray.

2. Truth or Dare

Another top-notch camping activity sure to expose some dark secrets and make the group bust out laughing is the age-old game of truth or dare. The first person asks someone in the group "truth or dare?" and that person either has to answer whatever question the person asks or complete a "dare," also left up to the person who is "it". To make this camping game even more interesting, turn it into a drinking game. If a player decides to skip their turn, they have to drink an allotted beverage.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

This highly-rated card game is one of the best campfire games as it is easy to play and serves as a wonderful icebreaker. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. The game can get as awkward and mind-bending as the players are willing to get. The game also comes with hilarious extension packs for every cause (including a family edition so the kids can play too)!

4. Beer Pong

This traditional drinking game is a hit for camping — all you need is a folding table, cups, ping-pong balls, and beer! This glow-in-the-dark set is ideal for late nights next to the campfire.

5. Chubby Bunny

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Reminiscent of summer camp, chubby bunny is a great game for spending time around the campfire. The object of the game is super simple, give a marshmallow to each player and have them put it in their mouth. Keep giving the players a marshmallow at a time until you see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth AND still say "Chubby Bunny" audibly for the rest of the group to hear. Pro-tip hack: have a trash bag and paper towels on hand, as this game can get messy.

6. Heads Up!

As seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Heads Up is a super fun and engaging way to spend some hours around the campfire. Download the smartphone app, "draw" a card on your phone, hold it up to your forehead, and have the rest of the campers give you clues so that you can guess the word. From famous people to songs to movies to animals to characters, the categories are endless.

7. Never Have I Ever

One of our favorite campfire games, Never Have I Ever is a sure way to get the crew loosened up and learning more about one another. Decide how many fingers you will hold up (5-10) and go around in a circle making "Never Have I Ever" statements. If you have done what the person says, you put a finger down. The last person left with a finger up, is the winner and gets to start the next round. To make this one a fun drinking game, every player has to drink when they put a finger down.

8. Would You Rather

A wonderful icebreaker and conversation starter, Would You Rather is a classic activity that makes a wonderful campfire game as well. You can make up your own questions, use a list found online, or even buy a physical game box with provided cards. The way the game works is the first player asks the next player a "Would You Rather" question and then you keep going in a circle until you know the in's and out's of your closest friends and family.

Perfect for a one-night stay or a week-long camping trip, these eight campfire games are the best way to spend starry nights among the trees with your best buds. Whether it's just you and one friend or a larger group, this list is sure to have the perfect game for your next camping trip!

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