Camo T-Shirts: 5 Picks From Mossy Oak, Realtree, and More

Here are five camo t-shirts that look as good in your hunting spot as they do around town.

Ever since we saw our first camo t-shirt, we had to have one. The only trouble was that you couldn't go to a fancy restaurant or get married in one. Actually, folks have probably already done both of those by now...

What we're looking for here are a few interesting versions that look good, fit well, and make us happy to be a hunter.

We've long since fallen in love with Mossy Oak, Realtree, and plenty of other versions of camouflage out there, and they've found ways to make the patterns look almost more real than the real thing. Since then, we've been looking for v-neck t-shirts, crewnecks, and long and short sleeve t-shirts (not to mention hoodies) that have our favorite mountain, brush, grassland, or woodland camo on it.

While there are plenty of graphic tee shirts on camo patterns out there, we're focusing on more specific hunting shirts, or at least something that can serve you well on a hunt. Having a camo pattern on it means that it looks good and that it hides you, to a certain degree, from game animals. That's what's most important.

Here are our picks for the type of camo t-shirt you would do well to invest in. Some are more expensive and feature-packed than others, and some are just good old cotton tees with a green and brown pattern. Choose whichever one works best for you.

Mossy Oak Long Sleeve Tech Hunting Shirt

This is a best-seller on Mossy Oak's website, and comes in a range of camo patterns, including the classic Greenleaf shown here. It has trademarked Hydroplex cooling technology, which makes it great for warm weather hunts, as a base layer under outerwear, or a comfortable long sleeve camo t-shirt for wearing just about anywhere.

Mossy Oak Cotton Mill Camo Tee

This low-priced option is a unisex straightforward short sleeve crew neck that's designed for comfort.

Realtree Camo Short Sleeve Performance Shirt

This Realtree shirt employs the trusted MAX-5 pattern, and also includes their trademarked Scent-Factor scent inhibitor technology.

Kryptek Valhalla SS Crew

This would be an ideal choice for hunters who use blinds, but it also comes in Kryptek's more conventional, earth-toned patterns. There are moisture wicking features and longer sleeves than most camouflage short sleeve t-shirts.

KUIU Ultra Merino 125 SS Crew-T

This great KUIU option is made of a Nuyarn merino wool blend, making it excellent in warm or cold hunting conditions as a next-to-skin layer or as a go-to daily wool shirt that isn't cumbersome. It has a bit more of a digital camo look than the other options.

First Lite Wick Short Sleeve Crew

Here's one more wool option from the popular First Lite line of big game and whitetail camo apparel. It comes in several more patterns as well as solids.

Rothco Women's Long Length Camo T-Shirt

It's not all about men's camo t-shirts in this list. This pick from Walmart has a soft poly/cotton material and is sized and shaped for the female frame.

Magellan Outdoors Hill Zone Camo T-Shirt

This t-shirt from the in-house brand at Academy Sports + Outdoors is the lowest priced on the list, and comes in Mossy Oak's Brush camp pattern, as well as a few other choices.

Sometimes, wearing a camo t-shirt (or button downs, for that matter) is our way of saying that "I'm a hunter and darn proud of it" to the world, and the world noticed because it wasn't long after that everyone was wearing camo to style in.

There are many styles and patterns to choose from, but the best way to ensure that manufacturers keep up with the demand is to keep buying it, whether you want to disappear from animals, or show up looking great to your friends.

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