California Four-Year-Old Found Safely After Spending Day Alone In The Woods
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California 4-Year-Old Found Safely After Spending Day Alone In The Woods

When someone goes missing, there's usually a frantic search to find them. Sadly, these searches don't always have happy endings. Too often authorities find missing people dead or in the really sad cases, they're never seen again. Years of unanswered questions. But that's not the case this time. Miraculously, a 4-year-old survived almost a whole day in the woods on his own.

We bet his parents are so relieved. As a father myself to a little one, I can imagine how much the panic and anxiety probably set in when he disappeared. The 4-year-old Californian decided to wander off from a campground in the Sierra National Forest. Being practically a toddler, he couldn't find his way back to the campsite. He ended up spending 22 hours by himself in the wildness, but he somehow managed to survive just fine.

After realizing he was missing, his parents notified authorities. Around 50 police officers and volunteers formed a search and rescue team to locate the boy. They started combining through the area, but their search efforts became hampered by the dense woods in the area. The sheriff's office also blasted a description of the boy, saying he was last seen wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

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4-Year-Old Found Safe

After a day of searching, the boy still hadn't turned up. That's when a rescue member spotted the boy around 8 a.m. The boy was "nestled under a tree" near a lake. He had traveled nearly from the Rancheria Campground where he was staying. Fortunately, he was in good condition with no obvious injuries or impact on his health.

"He was hungry and exhausted, but otherwise in good health. We got him a sandwich and then carried him out to be reunited with Mom and Dad," the sheriff's office said Saturday on Facebook.

So what happened? Well, this is a simple one. The boy just got excited as children do and wandered off. He didn't realize how far he had gone and had no way to get back. The sheriff's office thanked all those who volunteered and  "kept their eyes peeled, spread the word on social media and sent prayers up."

"All of this undoubtedly helped to bring (him) home safely," the department said.