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9 Lesser-Known Campgrounds in Colorado You Can Actually Score a Spot At (For Now)

Put these bookable and dispersed campsites on your list.

Colorado is known for its sweeping mountain vistas, glittering alpine lakes, and unrivaled hiking trails. While this sets the stage for a camping paradise, Colorado's beauty isn't exactly a secret. Scoring a campsite in peak summer season can feel as impossible as winning the lottery, especially on holiday weekends or on short notice.

For example, Piñon Flats near Great Sand Dunes National Park, Moraine Park Campground at Rocky Mountain National Park, and Pawnee Campground near Brainard Lake are some of the most stunning campgrounds in Colorado—but can seem impossible to snag.

Though this can be discouraging, it shouldn't dissuade you. A little bit of strategy, foresight, and a willingness to get dirty are all you need to experience Colorado camping at its finest. In fact, there's likely a whole bunch of bookable and dispersed campsites, available for the taking year-round—especially if you don't mind primitive, first-come-first-serve spots without hookups or amenities on-site.

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For a chance to actually explore all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer, put these campgrounds in Colorado on your list for an epic camping trip.

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