Review: Cabela's Fortitude Compound Bow Package, a Beginner Bowhunting Setup

This is a rundown on the Cabela's Fortitude compound bow and you must have a look if you have ever considered archery hunting.

This is a review of Cabela's Fortitude compound bow and it is truly designed for the beginner but has the flexibility to follow you through your progression in archery.

It truly is a renaissance in compound bow archery hunting. There are now a number of great quality packages you can get at outlets such as Cabela's. Years ago diehard archery hunters would have steered any newcomer away from the bigger retailers and towards the smaller pro shops. This really was because at bigger stores you often lacked the quality in gear and the expertise to outfit you with a good compound bow.

You also had to be prepared to make a big investment in accessories to outfit any bow that you bought, this has now all changed. For those wishing to get into compound bow hunting you can pick up great packages like the Fortitude, and get them tuned to your needs at Cabela's. They have the in-house expertise to support you from the purchase and through-out years of hunting. You get this all at a great price. Sure it is not the most expensive bow but it is superior quality that will serve you well on the range and in the field.

This is the time to get a compound bow package and get into archery. Use these off hunting months to hone your skills and open up a whole new world of hunting this fall.