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Female Archer’s Wish List

Interest in archery is on the rise.  Recent media popularity from films such as The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Brave have made archery a popular sport for boys and girls of all ages.  In addition, the allure of bow hunting season is very strong, adding weeks to an otherwise limited hunting season.  This Christmas, encourage your wife, sister, daughter, mother, or friend to pursue this traditional sport by giving her everything she needs to become a master archer!


At the heart of archery is the archer’s need for a strong, reliable bow. Maybe the archer in your life is just starting out and doesn’t have a nice one yet, or maybe she’d like to move from the sturdy compound bow to the more challenging recurve. Whatever her level of expertise, you’ll be able to give her a truly magical holiday with this wonderful gift.

As a suggestion, the Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow comes ready to use, with great amounts of versatility and adjustability. Many buyers of this bow have used it as an introductory weapon for females to get into the sport, and for that purpose it takes the spot as our number one choice.

diamond infinite pinkblazePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

The Quest by G5 Bliss DTH Compound Bow is another great choice for the ladies, and it comes with a quiver, sight, wrist sling and stabilizer. Purchasing a package like this one eliminates the need to continue shopping around for accessories, but also limits you to the customization that many bowhunters feel is necessary to find the right combination.

quest by g5Photo via Bass Pro Shops


Better than any gift-box or stocking, give the archer in your life a brand new case to protect her bow, arrows, and equipment from the elements. This Plano Bow Guard Pro 44 Single Bow Case has a sturdy design and room for the majority of your supplies. The moveable accessory box features a broadhead retainer, and two extra tie downs hold armguards, releases and other pieces of equipment.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 11.49.09 AMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


Hit the bullseye with a brand new target for your archer! Watch her spend hours and hours outdoors, honing her skill in preparation for the next big hunt. The Field Logic GlenDel Pre Rut Buck 3D Deer Target is perfect if they’ll be going after deer, but a portable foam target, like the Team Realtree ShotBlocker, will work just as good, perhaps better if a bow needs to be sighted before hunting.

field logic glendelPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

blockPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

String wax

Stuff her stocking with something useful to maintain her bow! A tube of Seal-Tite Bowstring Wax will do the job, and when applied to strings every couple of weeks, will keep them in great condition. Small and easy to stuff, this will certainly brighten her Christmas morning!

seal tiePhoto via Bass Pro Shops


Nobody likes the ache of a bruised arm. Help to keep her protected from that with a sturdy, new armguard. The Neet Ventilated Hunter Armguard is great when out in the field, tracking deer, but if she’s more into traditional aesthetics, go for the heavy leather and stitched look of the Deluxe Traditional Armguard. Both will suffice, depending on her main use of the bow.

armguardPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

deluxe armguardPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


No matter how careful an archer is, there’s no way to absolutely make the same shot twice. A release will make the job a bit easier, not to mention protect her fingers. The Cobra Lady Serpent Deluxe Bow Release comes in pink, and includes a double-jaw caliper release and an adjustable trigger.

cobra ladyPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


Why give the archer in your life a stocking when you could hang a brand new quiver for her over the fireplace? One like this Trophy Ridge Ridge Hunter 6-Shooter Quiver, built to be quiet and sturdy, will look and function perfectly for her needs. Be sure to stuff it with lots of archery related goodies!

quiverPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Archery wrench set

There’s nothing handier than being able to make basic adjustments to your equipment yourself.  Give her the gift of self-sufficiency with her very own portable archery wrench set. The Pine Ridge Allen Hex Wrench Set is a steal at $11.99, and features an extra large set for $5 more. If you are getting a bow for someone this holiday season, a wrench set is essential.

allen wrenchPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bow sight

Help her keep her eyes on the prize by giving her a new bow sight, perfect for the serious huntress looking to bring home the big game. This Cobra Bushwacker Bow Sight with light comes in “Muddy Girl Camo,” a great accent to any woman’s bow. It’s super lightweight and can be used for right- or left-handed archers.

cobra brushwhackerPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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