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How Far is Too Far in Archery? Ask Michael Waddell [VIDEO]

how far is too far

One of the biggest controversies in bowhunting is how far is too far? See what long-time professional Michael Waddell has to say.

One of the first questions people always ask when you tell them you are a bowhunter is, “How close does it have to be for you to shoot?”

This is also a question that many bowhunters themselves struggle with and ask themselves, even after decades of hunting.

Recently “Bone Collector’s” Michael Waddell decided to give his take on the matter. I have to say that he seems to have a very good grasp of what a correct answer to this enigma should sound like.

I completely agree with Waddell on this one.

This is a question that can only be answered by each individual hunter. And the truth is that the answer will be different depending on the situation.

Someone who can shoot consistently at 60 yards on flat ground may only be able to shoot the same group at 40 or 45 yards up in a treestand. Someone who feels good taking a shot at 65 yards on a whitetail buck may need to get a wild turkey within 30 yards before they let the arrow fly.

Some people mistake the “too far” distance as a test of skill, which is a huge mistake. This mindset makes you competitive and much more likely to take reckless shots from distances that are too far for you and your bow.

Practice your shots ahead of season, and stick to your game plan.

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How Far is Too Far in Archery? Ask Michael Waddell [VIDEO]