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Busch Hilariously Spoofs Survival Skills With Sarah McLachlan Super Bowl Ad

Many advertisers went big and flashy this weekend during the Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. Busch Beer was one of the few to take a simpler route with its 15-to-30-second "cold and smooth survival skills" commercials, which were hilarious takes on your typical video of bushcraft skills. In case you missed this one during the excitement of the game, Busch uploaded all its commercials to YouTube for the world to enjoy. The shelter video plays off what Busch considers the three most important requirements for heading into the mountains.

From what we saw on the internet, this is arguably the most popular commercial of the night. It features a surprise celebrity appearance from Canadian singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan in a funny play on those famous animal shelter commercials that feature her and her song "Angel." Only instead of the typical dogs and cats featured in those commercials, McLachlan appears alongside a white wolf in her tent.

One must give McLachlan some credit for this ad. Those commercials she did for the ASPCA became rather infamous and were even parodied on "South Park" at one point. Not many would be willing to poke fun at themselves in this manner in front of millions of viewers. It's nice to see she has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

The entire series of cold and smooth survival skills was fun. In a world where all of the Super Bowl ads seem to go bigger than the year before, it's nice to see some advertisers keep things rather simple and clever. As exciting as the Super Bowl was this year, we are certainly ready for winter to be over so we can head for the mountains as the commercial suggests. We're ready for a new season of outdoor adventure!

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