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Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's First Ever Super Bowl Ad Invites You to "Get Back to Nature"

YouTube/Bass Pro Shops

We've got an early peek at the first ever Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Super Bowl commercial, running this Sunday during the big game.

In a brand new video just released, Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris and the Cabela's/Bass Pro family are sending a message.

The video is the company's first ever Super Bowl ad, and in many ways, it's a 60-second spot that couldn't have come at a more crucial time.

The commercial reminds folks to "Get Back to Nature" because "the great outdoors are wide open." Now's our chance to "connect with the ones we love the most."

See it for yourself here, and on CBS during the big game on Sunday, February 7, 2021 between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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"In times like these, we need nature more than ever. If there is a bright spot in these challenging times, it's that's more families are discovering the outdoors than ever before. Casting a line on the water, hiking in the woods and camping out under the stars provide us all with much more than social distancing," said Morris.

The video was originally envisioned by Morris and produced by the company in-house with creative support from Dave Swaine at St. Louis-based Kuhl-Swaine.

After nearly an entire year in which our lives have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, it makes sense that an outdoor retailer is encouraging us to regain our sense of adventure via the natural world. It's a nice, safe way to occupy our time instead of sitting at home, scrolling through a newsfeed full of more conflict and concern than we'd ever imagined.

The creation and airing of the Super Bowl commercial coincides with the celebration of Bass Pro Shops' 50th anniversary. During that time, the company grew from humble beginnings in the back section of Johnny's father's liquor store in Springfield, Missouri to become one of the country's most beloved brands.

"On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Bass Pro Shops, in addition to providing added inspiration for families to get out in nature together, we wanted to celebrate and say thank you to our incredibly talented and passionate team members at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's stores across North America who have very deservingly earned the reputation as, 'The World's Foremost Outfitters,'" Morris added.

The TV spot is devoid of any tangible hunting activity, which is a bit of a disappointment considering the opportunity to show it in a positive light in front of so many viewers. It was also expected, as mainstream media and marketing has resisted the full embrace of the benefits of being a hunter. After all, hunting seasons are largely wrapped up until next fall, and the camping/fishing season is quickly approaching.

For now, we should consider it an advantage that fishing, camping, and other forms of outdoor recreation are getting the spotlight in a time when their importance has risen so high.



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Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's First Ever Super Bowl Ad Invites You to "Get Back to Nature"