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Ever Thought of Burying a Cache of Survival Supplies? Check This Out

Survivalists and preppers, if you want to increase your survival chances along your bug-out route, consider putting in a cache for survival supplies.

Placing a cache for survival supplies that you can access when things go south from your vehicle or on foot is a learned skill. Hopefully you will never need it, but you will be glad you have it if SHTF.

Placing a good cache is something that every special operations course teaches its operators. The object is to have access to concealed supplies in non-permissive (dangerous) environments during an operation. This type of lesson is captured here for the citizen who wants to be prepared. The student is taught to place it in a concealed and appropriate location; position it on a detailed GPS grid and have a good sketch of its location with paced out measurements so that it can be found later on, even if surface conditions change.

The thing about being prepared is that you really are in complete control of how ready you are. For a minor investment in supplies and training you can be pretty much good for a wide myriad of contingencies. Just put in some forethought ahead of time and you will be ahead of the curve.

Educate, be ready, and consider adding a cache or two to your survival network.


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Ever Thought of Burying a Cache of Survival Supplies? Check This Out