Shark Bites Swimmer's Legs at Popular Nude Beach Near Miami

A man got attacked by a Bull Shark at Haulover Beach, a popular nude beach in Florida.

Shark attacks are pretty rare, but when they happen, the news spreads like wildfire. A man was enjoying a typical swim at the popular clothing optional Haulover Beach when he became the victim of a shark attack.

Lifeguards spotted the four-foot bull shark and alerted the people at the beach to exit the water immediately. Unfortunately this man, Elvin Lanza, was not able to do so before being attacked and bitten on both legs just nine miles north of Miami Beach.

Lanza was eventually able to exit the water under his own control and get aid from lifeguards before then being transported to Aventura Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries according to Fox News. So it is good to hear he will be alright.

I know what you are thinking, "a nude beach?" Excitement at a nude beach would be a sight to see for sure.

Haulover Beach is a very popular destination for North American nudism. And it isn't out of the ordinary for it to attract thousands of nudists on a warm Florida evening. And apparently it can attract bull sharks, too.

Experts have even said that being nude could potentially make some swimmers more appetizing to a wandering shark — especially those with a stark contrast between tanned and untanned parts, the contrast an attractant, much like a splash or flash of jewelry, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Many locals made their way back to the water that evening. On-goers said they weren't going to let one attack keep them from going to a beach they had been enjoying for a long time.

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