YouTube: The Survival

Building a Secret Underground House With No Heavy Machinery or Big Tools

These guys have some serious survival skills!

Some people are skilled in the primitive survival arts, and some people simply are not. This seems especially true here in the United States, where even survival skills for the modern world sometimes seems lacking.

That's why we always enjoy videos of people constructing primitive survival shelters. You get to see some seriously impressive DIY skills and maybe even learn a thing or two that may help you in the future.

This video from Singapore hit the internet about a month ago and went massively viral. After you see it, you'll understand why.

Two guys construct a secret underground house complete with a water slide and swimming pool that you simply have to see to believe.

We are nearly at a loss for words after watching this! It's easy to see why it generated nearly 65 million views in only a month!

The way they meticulously carved out the benches in the living room and the spots for the candles was awesome. The way they easily chipped out the living room and got every edge so smooth was incredible. The ingenuity to turn an underground tunnel into a water slide using a clay mixture was astonishing.

There was so much precision on display, as they were using nothing but crude hand tools and whatever else they could find. I can guarantee if I made a cave house or underground bunker, it wouldn't look anything like this!

Oh, and the way they moved the swimming pool water to the final location? Brilliant. Ever hear the phrase "Work smarter, not harder"? Well, we'd say the guys in this video are a prime example of that. If I ever had to be stuck in a survival situation in a wild place, I want these guys there to help me out!

We're not sure how long this time of underground home would hold up in the long run, but it was darned impressive to watch them construct it.

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