2019 Buick Models Will Have Name Removed...We’ll Try to Explain

GM is getting hip and cool with its 2019 Buick models.

About 10 years ago, Buick went through a midlife crisis and began dishing out ads featuring a super-smiley Tiger Woods (pre marital snafu), pitching its cars as the all-around choice for drivers (golf pun landed).

Then, Shaquille O'Neal (as in the 7-foot former basketball center) stretched out and somehow fit inside a Buick sedan for another series of ads. Then just recently, it began pushing commercials that made its cars seem sexy, new, and hip.

Now, GM Authority is breaking the news that 2019 Buick models will be without something kind of significant: the Buick name.

Fresh Look

According to a Buick representative this move is on purpose. The 2019 Buick models will still have the model name and the Buick symbol, the one with the shields, on all vehicles. But the Buick name, usually on the bottom left side of its vehicles, will be ousted.

The first model to do this will be the 2019 Buick Envision, setting a trend for the rest of the car company's lineup. The move is more than just saving some metal, however. In fact, this is more about continuity with the global lineup.

CNET is reporting that Buick spokesperson Stu Fowle said the move to scrub the name off its 2019 Buick models is all about consistency throughout the world, pointing out that vehicles in China don't have it.

Another reason the company may be doing this to its 2019 Buick models is to add some more luxury rebranding to its new lineup. Having that space open means it could sport trim names, like the higher-end "Avenir." These may not be the only reasons why Buick is doing this, but we'll all have to get used to spotting a Buick by its shield logo, or by Shaquille O'Neal somehow comfortably driving around in one.

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