Budweiser Clydesdales Have Epic Snowball Fight in Classic Christmas Commercial

These Budweiser Clydesdales will put you in the holiday spirit with some nostalgic Christmas commercials. 

Budweiser super bowl commercials always knock it out of the park. Whether they feature their adorable pups, frogs, or majestic Clydesdales, they are instantly a fan favorite and usually, the funniest commercials played during the football game. But the creative genius behind the Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl ads doesn't stop there. The Budweiser Christmas commercials are equally fantastic. Christmas time is filled with trees, snow, yule logs, and our favorite Budweiser Clydesdales having a little bit of fun.

Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Snow Fun

Christmas special commercials aren't nearly as prominent nowadays, especially with most people using streaming services to avoid the holiday ads. But, at least we can have a little nostalgia with the full videos of some Budweisers adverts on social media. In this classic Christmas commercial produced by that the St. Louis beer behemoth, the massive horses are goofing around in the snow with a classic snowball fight. However, there is always that one competitive horse. One of the powerful horses decided that he did not like getting hit with snowballs. He was done with the game. He took steps to ensure that he was the winner, slamming his hooves into a snow-covered tree sending an avalanche of white fluffy stuff onto the other draft horses.

Clydesdale Christmas Throwback 

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Budweiser gets viewers in the spirit for the holiday season with this advertisement from 2006. Like a Christmas card come to life, this commercial features a sleigh being drawn through the snow by the Clydesdales as a man loading a Christmas tree into the back of the big red sleigh sporting a Santa-like coat and heading through the neighborhood.

Budweiser Clydesdale Mistletoe Mischief

Christmas wouldn't be the same without a little puppy love..err well, in Buds' case, Clydesdale love. As the horses are hanging out in their very festive barn, one of the male horses, Homer, is munching on some hay while Kitty is stomping on the ground, trying to get his attention. As Kitty keeps on flirting, he finally leaves his stall to head over to hers, where conveniently there is a cluster of mistletoe hanging right in front of Kitty's stall. However, right as Homer leans in and Kitty is thinking, "Merry Christmas to me," he grabs a candy cane from the mistletoe bunch, leaving poor Kitty to smooch the air. Homer happily chomps away on his candy cane while Kitty stomps away.  I'm not so sure he should be tugging on poor Kitty's heartstrings like that, poor girl! She is clearly giving him a piece of her mind.

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