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"Streaker" Invades 'The Big Game' in Budweiser's Hilarious Ad

This classic Super Bowl commercial might just be one of the best Budweiser Clydesdale commercials out there — it is, no doubt, one of the funniest!

Let's be honest: many of us watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, and there really are no better ones than the Super Bowl ads from the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, the home of Budweiser. For many years, Budweiser has charmed and delighted us with their tv spots featuring the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses: from their heartfelt 9/11 tribute in 2002 (that we're pretty sure made at least a few of us tear up) to their 2004 donkey commercial and their adorably inspirational 'Rocky' commercial in 2008, the Bud Clydesdales made us cry, laugh, and gave us all sorts of feels! But we think this classic Budweiser streaker commercial is one of their funniest and best Super Bowl commercials.

Aired in 2006, the Bud Super Bowl ad, titled 'Lamb Streaker', featured one naughty sheep and his ploy to "ruin" the big game. In this hilarious 30-second clip, we see the team of Clydesdale horses getting ready to play a (seemingly very intense, may we say!) game of football, only to have a very mischievous little sheep run fully naked through the game field — making every animal on the ranch, um, we mean field, go up in uproarious laughter! This hysterical tv commercial spot is so sidesplittingly funny, no wonder why it's always included as one the most popular Super Bowl commercials out there, ever. But do go ahead and watch the humorous antics of this shaved-down sheep for yourself, and get ready for some belly-aching laughs!

Budweiser's 'Lamb Streaker' Commercial

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This up-roaringly funny Budweiser Clydesdale commercial aired as one of the tv commercials for Super Bowl XL, and, like us, quickly made everybody watching the game laugh their butt off (no pun intended!)! Well, there's no doubt about it: The Bud Clydesdales' commercials are one of the best parts of Super Bowl Sundays. So, when it's time for this year's Super Bowl, grab the Doritos, Pepsi, and Bud Light, and be sure to catch the commercials — just hope there won't be any streakers at the game!

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