spearfishing accident

Quick-Thinking Buddy Saves Diver From Nearly Fatal Spearfishing Accident

This is the spearfishing accident that all free divers are deathly afraid of.

Free diving is an activity that accompanies a large portion of the spearfishing community. Divers often hold their breath for nearly two minutes at a time as they dive down to the sea floor in search of their prized fish. At times, if a diver surfaces too quickly, it can result in sudden unconsciousness due to the rapid change in air pressure in the lungs.

The video below captures one of these accidents on film. As someone who's spent many days free diving into springs, this video is hard to watch, but it has a very lucky ending.

This diver is extremely lucky his friend was close by him during this event!

If his friend had been diving down at the time, or even just another 15 feet away, there is a good chance this diver would not have made it out alive.

If you are an beginner or even an expert diver, please be sure to always go out with a friend and make sure you have someone in the water as a spotter. In situations like this, you never know when things are about to get ugly.

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