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GRAPHIC: Croc Brutally Attacks Surfer from Colorado in Costa Rica

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A series of vicious croc attacks has left an american surfer in a Costa Rican hospital fighting to save his leg!

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is known for its sweet surf break and laid back atmosphere. Unfortunately it is also becoming known for its croc attacks. Last Friday and american surfer was attacked by a crocodile and suffered multiple bite woulds to his right leg and his head.

Local lifeguard, Pat McNulty, said the surfer was crossing a river when the attack ensued.

“It was a vicious attack, and he was bitten several times…They were able to get him free, swim him to safety and then trained lifeguards responded…we administered first aid and called an ambulance.” – McNulty

Warning: Images that follow are highly graphic.

croc attacks
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This was the scene as local beachgoers and rescuers helped pull the man off the beach.

“His friend saved his life…and then we the lifeguards helped keep him alive. It was a very traumatic scene, and all the individuals attending him did a tremendous job.” – McNulty

croc attacks
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With the man’s leg still in pieces, he was rushed to a local hospital in Liberia where doctors discussed what the best course of action would be if there was any hope of saving the limb.

It is reported that the victim, 59-year-old Johnathan Becker of Boulder, Colorado, eventually received a partial amputation of his right ankle and most of his calf muscle. Luckily for him, he was able to escape the jaws of a croc and live to tell about it.

As McNulty said,

“We live in a country where there’s large crocodiles, and people take for granted that when you go into a river that you’re safe, but the fact of the matter is that you need to be aware of your environment. We’re in their world.”

Becker is still fighting his injuries, and our thoughts with him to pull through this terrible happening.



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GRAPHIC: Croc Brutally Attacks Surfer from Colorado in Costa Rica