Buck Fight
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Bucks Splash Through Puddles in Intense Sparring Match

Buck fight brings nature to the doorstep of city dwellers.

It is easy to forget just how vicious wild animals can be to one another when it comes to competition over food or mates. That is, until the fight comes right to your doorstep and hits you with a dose of reality. That was the case for some Manitoba residents who had a fight between two large whitetail bucks happening right outside their door.

These two bucks don't care about the crowd of onlookers. It is all about defeating their rival in a fight for dominance. The two bucks don't even notice the large puddle they are splashing through as the fight continues.

The local residents are enthralled by the fight and who wouldn't be? You don't see something like this in your backyard every day.

That was a knock-down battle between two heavyweights of the forest. The rut does crazy things to bucks and they aren't afraid to put their lives on the line in a fight like this. You could see how intense this fight was when they stopped moving for a second. If you look closely, notice how their sides are heaving. These bucks are giving it their all in this fight.

Unfortunately, people sometimes find deer locked together that have fought to the death. That is the harsh reality of nature. In this video, when the one buck loses his footing and tumbles to the ground, it was lucky his neck wasn't snapped right then and there. Fortunately, whitetail deer are tough animals and mature bucks like this are built well for the fight.

As intense as this fight was, at least both animals came out alive at the end. Albeit with one buck's dignity slightly bruised. He'll have to go find a new territory and doe after losing the fight and being run off. The city dwellers you could hear reacting in the background got a seldom seen up close encounter with nature that they won't soon forget!

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