buck locked with dead opponent
Jake Cosley

Buck Locked With Dead Opponent Gets Help From Snowmobiler

When buck deer fight it is serious business.

When the antlers of two bucks get locked up, it can sometimes be the death of both of them.

This buck was still locked to its dead opponent when Jake Cosley came across it while riding his snowmobile on the Red River south of Pembina, North Dakota.

There's video in this Grand Forks Herald article, which was shot by Cosley.

These two bucks got locked together in combat, and it would seem that the one succumbed to injuries and was fed on by predators. The opponent, still attached to the dead carcass, had no plans on giving up easily.

Jake was able to wrestle the antlers apart and release the still very much alive buck after a good struggle.

This is an incredible find. It certainly is not something you see everyday.

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