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This Curious Cat Is Amazed by Her Bubble Dome

Cat owners understand that our feline friends live in their own worlds. They tend to do what they want, when they want—and to heck with what everyone else wants. For most cats, life is about co-existing in the same place as their pawrents while stoically pretending that they don't. But one special cat literally lives in her own bubble. (Well, sort of!) In a video posted to TikTik account @taijataika, a cat mom demonstrates her adorable feline's love of sitting inside a bubble dome.


Nata the cat likes soap bubbles #natacat #catsoftiktok #giantsoapbubble #bigsoapbubble

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Taija's account is devoted entirely to bubbles and bubble tricks. Usually, it's just her and bubbles—but she decided to mix things up by including her cat in the soapy fun. The cat, Nata, sits ever so patiently inside the ring, waiting for the giant bubble to be brought up around her. As Taija begins to pull the bubble wand up, Nata intently watches her. The bubble closes off at the top and Nata looks up at it, unfazed. Pulling the wand away makes the bubble bounce, and the kitty watches it wiggle as she looks admiringly around her new bubble dome home.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and Nata's bubble home eventually pops, leaving her sitting in an empty circle. Honestly, we're just impressed that Nata sat there patiently throughout the entire process and didn't swat at the completed bubble! While most people loved the stunt, there was some concern about the cat's participation. Taija assured everyone in the comments that "if she didn't like bubbles, we wouldn't have done this. Animals should always be respected." Well said!

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