Bubba the Cat Visits Local School Where He's the Favorite Student

When cat owner Amber Marienthal first adopted Bubba, it didn't take long to realize he wasn't exactly ordinary. 

While most house cats are content to find a soft spot in the sun and stay there, Bubba has a sense of adventure. He loves his family and always has a cushy spot on the couch, but he can't ignore the pull of the outdoors.

The fact is, Bubba loves to explore. He wanders around his home town of San Jose, Calif., and he's not shy about meeting new friends. His outgoing personality has turned him into a local celebrity, and that popularity has recently reached viral proportions.

Every day, Bubba leaves his house to make his rounds through town. Most people recognize him by now, and everyone takes a second to scratch his ears and say hello. One of his favorite places to be, however, is the local school.

Leland High and Bret Harte Middle schools are only a few minutes away from Bubba's house. Students and faculty weren't sure what to do with the trespassing tabby at first, but now Bubba is part of the family.


Like everyone else, Bubba spends his time walking the halls and saying hi to his friends. He attends classes, gives homework help, and has been caught taking the occasional snooze in the auditorium. You'd think his antics would land him in the principal's office, but everyone at school loves it when Bubba comes to visit.

Students even petitioned to have a statue of their unofficial mascot erected on school grounds. When that didn't go through, administration honored him in another way by issuing him his very own school ID.

When Bubba is ready for the school day to end, he simply meows by a door until someone lets him outside. Sometimes he stops by the sports fields to cheer on his team, but he always makes his way home in time for dinner.

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