Bubba Blade and Bajio

Bubba Blade and Bajio Unveil New Products Set to Debut at ICAST 2021

Bubba Blade and Bajio have some sweet new offerings for ICAST 2021.

New fishing product announcements are starting for the ICAST fishing show early this year and we could not be more thrilled. The trade show temporarily went digital last year due to the coronavirus pandemic but is set to return to an in-person format for 2021.

Still, that is not stopping many of the brands from launching some of their products to be showcased at ICAST a little early this year. Bubba Blade and Bajio are just two brands that are already showing off their latest and greatest new developments.

Here are the new products they are set to unveil more fully in a little over a month's time.

Bubba Tidal, Tidal Pro, and Tidal Select Fishing Rods

Bubba has been primarily known for their fillet knives and fishing pliers. So, it is interesting to see they are now getting into the rod business with their new Tidal, Tidal Pro, and Tidal Select fishing rods. According to their specs, these inshore fishing rods were in development for two years. These rods have undergone some rather thorough testing from guides and boat captains.

These graphite rods are built in both spinning and casting styles. The mod fast to fast Tidal models are available in lengths from 6' 9" to 7' 6" and power ranges from medium light to heavy. The mod fast to fast Tidal selects will be available in light to heavy and lengths from 7' to 7' 6". Finally, the fast Tidal Pro models are available in medium light to heavy models and lengths from 7' to 7' 6".

The Tidal has a split reel seat while the Select and Pro models have an exposed blank. We are quite intrigued by the fact that Bubba is including their signature grips materials you may know from their knives and tools into the rod. The material is easy to grip when your hands are wet and should add some good ergonomics to the rods. The estimated MSRP will range from $139.99 to $329.99 depending on the model.

Bubba Seaker 10L Hip Pack

Bubba is also introducing a 10L dry hip pack for ICAST. This pack features adjustable hip and shoulder straps. We are imagining it will prove popular with backcountry or urban bank fishermen who want to haul all their gear securely and out of the way while walking or biking to their next spot. The main pouch holds hard plastic tackle containers. There are plenty of pockets on the exterior too. This pack also features waterproof pockets that are removable. For your phone or other valuables that you do not want to get wet while enjoying a day on the water. The MSRP is $134.99.

Bubba Seaker 10L Sling Pack

For anglers who do not like the waist pack look to their tackle bag, Bubba is also introducing a sling pack with many of the same features. The interior holds hard plastic tackle containers while waterproof pouches and exterior pockets provide places to stash all your other small items you need for your next fishing trip. The MSRP is $159.99.

Bubba Seaker 62L Duffel Pack

Finally, for the angler who needs a serious tackle bag for serious fishing trips, Bubba is introducing this 62L duffel pack. This pack includes waterproof storage pockets. The water-resistant exterior is extremely durable and will help protect your gear during long days on the water. We can see this one being popular for the angler who does a lot of traveling, especially if you are planning any long international fishing trips in the future. The MSRP is $209.99.

Bajio Sunglasses Bales Beach

Every angler needs a quality pair of sunglasses. Not only to protect your eyes in the bright sun while on the water, but also to help cut through the glare and spot fish deep underwater where they may be hiding. The Bales Beach frames are stylish and come with comfortable temple tips and rubber nose pads that provide a great deal of comfort.

The cool thing about Bajio is how environmentally conscious they are being with their sunglasses. Bajio uses materials that derived from plants. This means less fossil fuels being used to produce plastics. At the same time, it gives these sunglasses strength and durability.

Using what they call Lapis lens technology, Bajio's lenses also filter out harmful blue light. That gives the glasses excellent clarity and less haze. Both of which are important when you are on the water and trying to figure out the pattern to land your next fish. The price will vary depending on the lens and frame type. The MSRP for the different styles will be anywhere from $199 to $249. For more information, visit the Bajio and Bubba websites.

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