brute steelhead

Watch Fitness Trainer Brittany Jill Ice a Brute Steelhead in Wisconsin

Twitter star, fitness trainer, and outdoor enthusiast Brittany Jill can put a hurting on big Wisconsin steelhead and this proves it.

I recently spoke with Brittany via e-mail and she was more than happy to share her experience about one day on the ice with friends working a great catch and release on some seriously big trout.

While the hard water that day gave up six or seven good fish, the story would be about one bruiser in particular taken, thanks in part, by the 'Automatic Fisherman'

Watch how you ice a slob steelhead, and then enjoy her reaction. The rest of the story is below.

Brittany told me,

"I was out fishing with the man who created the automatic fisherman and two of his prostaff. We started at one spot and caught a small steelhead but they weren't very active. We moved to a different spot and one of the automatic fisherman triggered!"

After catching and releasing a great fish that took almost 28 minutes to ice and exclaiming "my hands were sore and my arms were tired" the real work was about to begin for the active outdoors woman.

"Not even 3 minutes later the next automatic fisherman got triggered. This fish would come close then take a ton of line back out. I'd fight him and he came close and one of the guys tried to grab it, but couldn't but could feel it and that's when he said that (it) was a good fish. The third time was the charm and when the fish got close enough to the hole he grabbed him and pulled him out. My reaction says it all. I was shocked!!"

Congratulations to Brittany Jill and her friends, and big thanks for letting me share her video! There is a lot to be said for sportsmen and women alike when it comes to fitness outdoors. If you're looking for a new regimen to try then give Brittany Jill a follow on twitter. 

Keep an eye out right here for more of her outdoor exploits!