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Bride Has Photo Shoot with Her Cats and It's Pretty Beautiful

The bond between a cat and its owner is special, and this photographer knows exactly how to capture it.

Italian photographer Marianna Zampieri loves art, her new husband, and her cat, Arthur. When she got married, she wanted to find a special way to include Arthur in her big day. While walking down the aisle with her cat would have been a challenge, the creative bride thought of another way to honor her feline friend and memorialize their relationship.

She set up a photo shoot, donned her dress, and let the photogenic feline steal the show.

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The resulting images reveal an everyday connection between bride and cat. The pictures are alluring and elegant, and the idea of including cats in wedding photos soon caught on.

Since her own wedding, Zampieri has been hired to work her magic with several other couples and their cats.

On her website, Zampieri wrote:

"Through the photos of this project I try to capture with a snap the special bond that is created between the cat and the person with whom he lives while they share moments of pleasure, engage in activities that represent what the person loves most to do, his passion precisely."

The images are spontaneous and never posed, which allow the photographer to capture intimate moments in time. Cats aren't the easiest subjects to work with, but Zampieri's discovered the secret to looking behind the veil.


Would you be interested in having a photo shoot with your cat? Let us know in the comments.

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