How to Break Out of the October Lulls

Here are a few things to make October a little easier.

Whether you believe in the October Lulls or not, this can be some of the best or worst hunting this season. Now can be your best chance to nail that trophy buck you've been patterning all summer or fill the freezer with a big ol' nanny doe. Here's how.

1. Acorns

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I know, I have food plots too, but forget about them. Deer are focused on acorns and pretty much just that. The limited availability and the extra feeling of security make acorns the primary food source. Focus on the less-bitter food sources, such as white oaks. You can hunt on trails adjacent to these oaks or you can just sit right in them. I prefer to sit in the middle of them and wait out the deer.

2. Beds

Sometimes you'll hear people say, "Don't pressure deer on the beds!" Forget that too.

A great tactic this time of year is to go in and bump deer off of their beds. Ensure you have you good scent control, then hang and hunt. Deer don't live long just running blindly through the woods. The deer you just bumped will most likely circle around and try to get back in their beds; expect them to come from downwind.

3. Focus on Evenings

Trust me, it sucks willingly giving up time that could be spent in a stand. In most cases, it's advantageous for you to skip mornings and only hunt the evenings. In fact, one of the contributing factors of the lulls is an increase in hunting pressure. Less is more.

4. Watch the Weather

Cold fronts are your best opportunity to get a shot during October. The colder air and lower pressure will get the deer up and moving. You better be in your stand during evenings when a front is moving through or has just passed. If you had high winds the day before, you're going to have a great sit.

5. Patience

There's really no other way to put it; you're going to have some unsuccessful sits. Just sit back, relax and observe. Patience may lead you t0 knowledge that'll make your next sit more productive.