Watch This 12-Year-Old's Emotional Reaction to Getting a Puppy for His Birthday

Dogs are known as man's best friend for a reason. They love their humans unconditionally, creating the sweetest bond. But there is something even better about the relationship between a dog and a kid. Dogs love and protect their little humans and, in some cases, will literally do anything for them. No wonder kids are always begging for a pet! However, the adults in the household aren't always ready for the responsibility of having a dog. This can be tough for children to understand, but one young boy waited patiently for nearly a decade. Adam Grimpo asked his parents for a dog on every birthday since he was just 3 years old. Finally, on the day he turned 12, he got the surprise of a lifetime. In a video posted by his mom, Sarah, to TikTok account @cincygirl513, viewers watched the magical moment Adam was gifted a puppy.


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The video opens with Adam standing in the kitchen, opening his birthday presents in front of his mom. The first thing he pulls out is a Stranger Things toy. Adam looks a little confused as he examines the toy and it lets out a squeak. He pulls out the second toy, and it's a squishy basketball. He sheepishly informs his mom that these are dog toys, thinking she made a mistake. "Are you serious? They're dog toys?" Sarah feigns shock before apologizing. "I'm so sorry, bud. I guess you need a dog." At that moment, Adam's dad appears behind him with a tiny puppy in his arms. Adam realizes what's happening and gasps, stepping back in shock. "I'm going to cry," he says. Us too, kid. Us too.

In a winning display of parenting, Adam's mom tells him that it's okay to cry and encourages him to say hi to his new pet. He pats the puppy on the head while wiping away his tears, still in total shock. This heartwarming video understandably blew up on TikTok, with just about every viewer needing to grab a box of tissues. Of course, everyone is incredibly invested in this pair's relationship. Many people commented requesting an update from mom, and thankfully she obliged.


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How cute are these two?! The puppy is a Golden retriever and Portuguese water dog mix that the family named Weller. He's just a few months old but is already Adam's best friend. There's no bond stronger than the one between a boy and his dog!

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