Bowhunting Black Bear
YouTube: deermeatfordinner

Bowhunter Makes Great Shot on Black Bear After Bluff Charge at Extremely Close Range

Bear hunting does not get much more intense than this.

Hunting for bears is always exciting, but there is something about bowhunting for them that makes the whole experience much more intense. Especially if you are hunting on the ground and going eye-to-eye with the large omnivores.

In one of the more intense and exciting bear hunting videos we have ever seen, YouTuber deermeatfordinner is up in Canada trying to help with a little population control in an area loaded with black bears.

It does not take him long to get on a nice-sized 200-pound bruin. There is no stealthy ambush in this one. The bear knows Robert and his cameraman are there. It makes one bluff charge before walking nearly into their laps. It ends up making for a chip shot with archery gear. Stick around afterwards for some tips on how to prepare a bear for the dinner table.

Most people who hunt bears like to get up in a treestand and out of harm's way. Robert decided just to sit on a log like he was hunting turkeys. The first bruin he saw on this day fled the scene when he realized humans were around, but the second one clearly knew something was up. That short bluff charge it made is enough to make even the most experienced hunters nervous. Fortunately, the bruin did not follow through with a full attack.

It is safe to say that this was a hunt that neither of them will soon forget. That cranky bruin was almost in their laps before he made the shot! It was probably a little closer than they would have liked, but fortunately the shot was true, and the bear only went a short distance before expiring.

We always appreciate Robert's catch and cooks too because they give us some good ideas on how to prepare our wild game feasts. We picked up some good tips for prepping predators here. Congrats on the great bear and the exciting hunt Robert!

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