Bull Moose
YouTube: Driven Hunter

Bowhunter Smokes the Yukon Bull Moose of a Lifetime in Exciting Footage

This bull has a ton of character.

For many hunters, pursuing a giant bull moose is on their bucket list of dream hunts. One of the best places on earth to go moose hunting is the Yukon Territories. It's a place where you can truly get away from it all and get up close and personal with animals who may have never even seen a human before.

In this quick and exciting hunt, Pat of The Driven Hunter is on a bowhunt with Ceaser Lake out looking for a monster Yukon bull moose.

During a calling sequence, they end up drawing in a bull of monstrous proportions with an incredible amount of character. This hunt is the stuff dreams are made of.

What a bull and what a hunt! If that doesn't get you excited for hunting this season, nothing will. We can only imagine what was going through Pat's head when that bull first stepped into view.

Moose grow to a staggeringly large size, but they are usually stealthier going through the woods than you might think. So, you know it's a giant bull when you can hear the antlers clattering off tree branches before the bull ever comes into view. No mistaking that sound for a wandering squirrel like one would with a deer!

Not only was this bull exceptionally large, but it also had a ton of character in the antlers that is not often seen with moose. From the way the paddles curved to the extra junk in the back to the drop tine, this big guy had a little bit of everything a hunter could want from a bull moose.

Then to top it off, the colossal body size probably stuffed his freezer near to the point of bursting at the seams. Truly an amazing hunt. We think we're going to add "Yukon moose hunt" to our bucket list now after seeing the adrenaline rush of this hunt.

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